UltimateKEYS Keyboard Layout (Windows/Linux)

International US QWERTY layout with AltGr (Right Alt) dead keys via AutoHotkey (Win), MSKLC (Win, see 'testing' repository) and XKB integration (Linux).
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In UltimateKEYS, all keys remain exactly organized as US QWERTY. Except, when AltGr (Right Alt) or AltGr+Shift (Right Alt + Shift) is pressed in combination with another key, other diacritics and symbols are accessible and some keys become dead keys.

In that way, it is - somehow - similar to the layout "United States-International" (on Windows), although this project moves all dead key combinations to the modifiers AltGr and AltGr+Shift. That way, this project solves the most typical issues, including the quotes (' and "), which can be used as usual (without pressing the space bar afterwards). The acute accent (´) and diaeresis (¨) can be found on AltGr+' and AltGr+Shift+" respectively. The layout of this project is derived from EurKEY (by Steffen Brüntjen).

Additionally, recent releases also feature "Smart error-tolerant optimization for circumflex in French", allowing you to type the letters â, ê, î, ô, û more easily.
NEW :  The latest releases also feature a 'hybrid SW' edition which allows you to switch between 'Classic' en 'SW' with the Scroll Lock toggle (AutoHotkey only).

Important - Security Warning :

=> Win/Linux :  Only use "BASIC LATIN" characters (codes 32 to 126) for the Windows, Microsoft Live and Linux passwords !
Otherwise, it might be impossible to type any Unicode character higher than "Basic Latin" at the login screen/prompt (due to a different keyboard configuration) ! => ACCOUNT LOCKOUT
=> Win/Linux :  ALWAYS make your system passwords VISIBLE during modification !


Keyboard Layout Image (Classic)

UltimateKEYS - Keyboard Layout Image.png

-> Blue keys :  defined as dead keys, but only in combination with Right Alt (+Shift) or AltGr (+Shift).


Difference between Classic and SW (switched) editions


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Documentation and Changes from EurKEY


Installation - Windows


Installation - Linux


UltimateKEYS CE - Compact Edition (testing)


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License of UltimateKEYS

UltimateKEYS is Free Software and is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3.
Derived from EurKEY, by Steffen Brüntjen.
This website and its contents are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.3.


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Note :  'AltGr' is an abbreviation for 'Alt(ernate) Graph'.

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