UltimateKEYS Keyboard Layout (Windows)

International US-QWERTY layout with AltGr dead keys via AutoHotkey script and KLC version (compiled for Windows).

In UltimateKEYS, all keys remain exactly organized as US-QWERTY. Except, when AltGr or AltGr+Shift is pressed in combination with another key, other diacritics and symbols are accessible and some keys become dead keys.

In that way, it is - somehow - similar to the layout "United States-International" (on Windows), although this project moves all dead key combinations to the modifiers AltGr and AltGr+Shift. That way, this project solves the most typical issues, among which the quotes (' and ") can be used as usual (without pressing the spacebar afterwards), while the acute accent (´) and diaeresis (¨) are found under AltGr and AltGr+Shift respectively. This project has borrowed several aspects from the EurKEY Keyboard Layout (by Steffen Brüntjen).


Keyboard Layout Image

UltimateKEYS - Keyboard Layout Image.png


Download the latest release


Installation - AutoHotkey Script (recommended method)

This AutoHotkey script is a highly customizable version of UltimateKEYS. To work properly, the Windows keyboard has to be set to standard US-QWERTY and at least AutoHotkey 1.1 (AutoHotkey_L) is required.


Documentation - Keyboard Layout Image, Dead Key Descriptions


Installation - Integration in Windows OS using the KLC version (not recommended on Win 10)


Enjoy and have fun !

Pieter Degroote