UltimateKEYS Keyboard Layout (Windows/Linux)

International US QWERTY layout with AltGr (Right Alt) dead keys via AutoHotkey (Win), MSKLC (Win), XKB (Linux) and Xmodmap (Linux).
UltimateKEYS is Free Software and is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3 (partly similar to EurKEY).
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UltimateKEYS - Keyboard Layout Image.png

-> Blue keys :  dead keys in combination with Right Alt (+Shift) or AltGr (+Shift).

Important - Security Warning :

=> Win/Linux :  Only use “BASIC LATIN” characters (codes 32 to 126) for your Windows, Microsoft Live and Linux passwords !
Otherwise, it might be impossible to type any Unicode character higher than “Basic Latin” at the login screen/prompt (due to a different keyboard configuration) ! => ACCOUNT LOCKOUT
=> Win/Linux :  ALWAYS make your system passwords VISIBLE during modification !

See also :  List of similar-looking ‘International (or Extended) US (UK) Keyboard Layouts’


Considerations and Recommendations

Some of my considerations and recommendations, from ‘behind the scenes’, mostly concerning privacy and security :

uBlock Origin, Bitwarden, Total Commander, IrfanView (XnView), Antivirus (for Windows)


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Codes and information on extending the ringtone (for mobile numbers from Belgium) :

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GitHub Repositories

My GitHub repositories can be found at :

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UltimateKEYS is Free Software, licensed as GNU General Public License Version 3.
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