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UltimateKEYS Keyboard Layout - MSKLC (Windows)

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Integration in Windows OS using MSKLC (not recommended on Win 10 and/or in a production environment)

Important - Please note :


Important - Known limitations in Windows

When changing the Windows/Microsoft password, using another keyboard layout (like SW) can INTERFERE in some cases where your keystrokes are either registered via the other layout or as standard US QWERTY (depending on the keyboard layout during input).

On the login screen, the keyboard layout might be DIFFERENT, which can result in the WRONG input !

To be "better safe than sorry", you should ALWAYS make your password VISIBLE during modification, to avoid being locked out of your account !

=> Win/Linux :  Only use "BASIC LATIN" characters (codes 32 to 126) for the Windows, Microsoft Live and Linux passwords !
Otherwise, it might be impossible to type any Unicode character higher than "Basic Latin" at the login screen/prompt ! => ACCOUNT LOCKOUT

=> This because another keyboard layout might be active at the login screen (mostly US QWERTY) and the desired keyboard (with the additional higher Unicode characters) might NOT be present there in the list of active keyboard layouts !


Tools for opening and handling MSKLC files

Read more about the MSKLC limitations

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