Dove of Peace Stand with Ukraine

Stand with the People of Ukraine
Будьте з народом України
Будьте с народом Украины    GitHub Release    GitHub Testing

Considerations and Recommendations

uBlock Origin (unwanted content blocker)

In order to block a lot of unwanted content, such as tracking and malvertising, I usually install uBlock Origin.
This extension is a 'wide-spectrum blocker' which has proven to be very versatile and effective.


Bitwarden - Open Source Password Manager

For managing all passwords, secure notes, and to maintain a good attitude of 'password hygiene', I use Bitwarden.
Bitwarden is available in both a paid and a free plan. The paid plan offers a few welcome extras, like enhanced Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).


Antivirus Software (for Windows)

In the past, I used different antivirus products on Windows. Since 2017, I use Windows 10's built-in security.

For a second opinion, in case of doubt, I use VirusTotal, which allows uploading a file for scanning against roughly 67 different reputable antivirus/antimalware engines.    GitHub Release    GitHub Testing

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