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List of Alternate US-International (UK-) Keyboard Layouts


This page contains a list of websites which I found,
working on similar enhancements for US (or UK) QWERTY
and usually, also having the dead keys on AltGr (Right Alt),
like UltimateKEYS :


US QWERTY+ Keyboard Layout (Windows)
Website :  https://www.bkeyl.space/


EurKEY - by Steffen Brüntjen (Windows/Linux/macOS)
Website :  https://eurkey.steffen.bruentjen.eu/


KbdKaz 500 - free keyboard layout for Windows
Website :  http://www.omega-com.pl/kbdkaz.htm / http://www.omega-com.pl/
gHacks :  https://www.ghacks.net/2014/04/18/add-600-special-characters-keyboard-layout/


Pan-European keyboard layout (Windows)
Download :  https://www.doxdesk.com/software/win/eurokb.html
US :  https://www.doxdesk.com/file/software/win/v/eurokb-0.7/readme-us.html
UK :  https://www.doxdesk.com/file/software/win/v/eurokb-0.7/readme-uk.html
Main page :  https://www.doxdesk.com/


USA International (AltGr dead keys) on Windows
Website :  https://code.google.com/archive/p/usialtgr/


English (intl., with AltGr dead keys) keyboard layout - by Scott Severance (Windows)
Website :  https://www.scottseverance.us/html/keyboard/win_intl_altgr/
Main page :  https://www.scottseverance.us/


Zolid - UK International keyboard (Windows/Linux)
Windows :  http://zolid.com/uk-intl-kb/index.htm
Linux :  https://github.com/jmrio/uk-intl-kb
Main page :  http://zolid.com/


French qwerty keyboard - clavier qwerty avec accents français (Windows/Linux/macOS)
Website :  http://marin.jb.free.fr/qwerty-fr/
Main page :  http://marin.jb.free.fr/


Alternate Keyboards (and 'New US Keyboard Layouts') for Windows
Website :  https://keyboards.jargon-file.org[/#us-gen]


Other Tools

Holdkey - Press and hold down a letter to view a list of symbols belonging to that same group (Windows)
Website :  http://www.holdkey.eu/


KbdEdit - A comprehensive keyboard layout editor, which can read and import MSKLC (.KLC) files and also supports 'chained dead keys' (Windows)
Website :  http://www.kbdedit.com/


WinCompose - A compose key (by default: Right Alt) for Windows
Website :  http://wincompose.info/
GitHub :  https://github.com/samhocevar/wincompose
gHacks :  https://www.ghacks.net/2014/12/29/wincompose-use-keyboard-shortcuts-to-write-special-characters/


Ukelele - A Unicode Keyboard Layout Editor for macOS
Website :  https://software.sil.org/ukelele/
Main page :  https://software.sil.org/


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