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UltimateKEYS CE (Compact Edition)

This slimmed down 'Compact Edition' (CE) allows for easier input when using Western languages (for AutoHotkey, test version).

While this version does not have all bells and whistles of the regular 'UltimateKEYS (SW)', it is rather geared towards users which want a more simplified and staightforward approach.

This keyboard layout supports Western languages, including :

English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish :  all letters are on the main layout.

Finnish, Icelandic, Māori :  some letters are accessible via a dead key.

=> See the folder 'compact-edition' in the testing repository.

Please note that this is a test version.

Important - Security Warning :

=> Win/Linux :  Only use "BASIC LATIN" characters (codes 32 to 126) for the Windows, Microsoft Live and Linux passwords !
Otherwise, it might be impossible to type any Unicode character higher than "Basic Latin" at the login screen/prompt (due to a different keyboard configuration) ! => ACCOUNT LOCKOUT
=> Win/Linux :  ALWAYS make your system passwords VISIBLE during modification !


Keyboard Layout Image - CE Classic

UltimateKEYS CE - Keyboard Layout Image.png

-> Blue keys :  defined as dead keys, but only in combination with Right Alt (+Shift) or AltGr (+Shift).

-> Layout image of CE SW edition with Scroll Lock on  (sources available on keyboard-layout-editor.com)


Dead Key Descriptions


a -> ā    (u+0101) a with macron
A -> Ā    (u+0100) A with macron
d -> ð    (u+00f0) small letter eth
D -> Ð    (u+00d0) capital letter eth
e -> ē    (u+0113) e with macron
E -> Ē    (u+0112) E with macron
i -> ī    (u+012b) i with macron
I -> Ī    (u+012a) I with macron
o -> ō    (u+014d) o with macron
O -> Ō    (u+014c) O with macron
s -> š    (u+0161) s with caron
S -> Š    (u+0160) S with caron
t -> þ    (u+00fe) small letter thorn
T -> Þ    (u+00de) capital letter thorn
u -> ū    (u+016b) u with macron
U -> Ū    (u+016a) U with macron
y -> ý    (u+00fd) y with acute
Y -> Ý    (u+00dd) Y with acute
z -> ž    (u+017e) z with caron
Z -> Ž    (u+017d) Z with caron

b -> •    (u+2022) bullet
B -> •    (u+2022) bullet
c -> ¤    (u+00a4) currency sign
C -> ¤    (u+00a4) currency sign
f -> ƒ    (u+0192) f with hook
F -> ƒ    (u+0192) f with hook
m -> ™    (u+2122) trademark symbol
M -> ™    (u+2122) trademark symbol

1 -> ≠    (u+2260) not equal to
! -> ≠    (u+2260) not equal to
5 -> ‰    (u+2030) per mille sign
% -> ‰    (u+2030) per mille sign
8 -> ∞    (u+221e) infinity symbol
* -> ∞    (u+221e) infinity symbol

9 ->      (u+2002) en space
0 ->      (u+2003) em space
- -> –    (u+2013) en dash
= -> —    (u+2014) em dash

` (grave accent) -> ≈    (u+2248) almost equal to
~ (tilde)        -> ≈    (u+2248) almost equal to
, (comma)        -> ≤    (u+2264) less-than or equal to
< (less than)    -> ≤    (u+2264) less-than or equal to
. (dot)          -> ≥    (u+2265) greater-than or equal to
> (greater than) -> ≥    (u+2265) greater-than or equal to
(space)          -> ¬    (u+00ac) not sign



a -> ª    (u+00aa) feminine ordinal indicator (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Galician)
A -> ª    (u+00aa) feminine ordinal indicator (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Galician)
o -> º    (u+00ba) masculine ordinal indicator (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Galician)
O -> º    (u+00ba) masculine ordinal indicator (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Galician)
(space) -> ¦    (u+00a6) broken bar


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